The Spittoon List!

We’re are very excited to present The Spittoon List, a weekly vlog featuring adventures in geekery. Conventions, games, dares – think of it as our not-so-mature bucket list.

We’re even more excited to launch the vlog with two videos this weekend. The first is a special music video of the International Steampunk Symposium, complete with music by AUTOMATON. Second is a smaller-scale adventure, where we learn about DEDing.

Next week we might have another double feature where Melissa and I give proper introductions to both The Spittoon List and ourselves.

Have something you think we should add to our Spittoon List? Be sure to tell us in the comments!


Long Week

You remember the excuses from last week? I’m still using them. Convention, and official duties, and costuming – oh my! I am scheduling my highlight photos of the weekend for tomorrow, Ish. And I will be posting A VERY SPECIAL POLL this weekend, so stay tuned.

And I have some lovely shots of the roses I made in action. Thanks to Missy for the pictures. Check them out!

Roses Roses2

Apologies. Projects are Happening

DSCF4346I have lots of excuses, but none of them are particularly good. One you might, perhaps, be interested in, is the fact that the International Steampunk Symposium is coming up next week, so I’ve been dedicating a lot of time to costuming, planning, and general prep.

There’s also another – entirely unrelated – secret project in the works. You should see the first bit of that in the coming week.

Meanwhile, enjoy the above glimpse of my Symposium preparations.

*My desk is covered in aluminum scraps… thankful for my tetanus shot.