The Spittoon List – Have Your Say

What is the immature, nerdy, geeky, childish, funny version of a bucket list? That would be The Spittoon List. I’ve teamed up with my sister-in-law to make a new vlog featuring geeking good fun for childish people everywhere. Over the coming weekend, I will be editing together footage from The International Steampunk Symposium, but we aim to have a new video each week. The question is: where to start?

Below are some of our simpler schemes which we plan to film in the coming weeks. What would you like to see first?

*Please note that we will likely film next Wednesday, which means even though the poll says it is open for a full week, we may take a final tally before that time. So vote early, folks!


The World Needs More Magic – YouTube

Two facts for you today.

1 – I am a closet Nerdfighter, which might be an oxymoron, but my coffee loves me, and I love my coffee, and we’re okay with being oxymorons.

2- I’m busy stressing over TWO novel-sized projects, because I don’t know which will win the poll, and I need to have story-crap to start posting in just over a week. And my usual beta team is busy with boring crap like school, and life, and grown-up stuff I do my best to ignore, so they aren’t there to Gibbs Slap me out of my angst.

Why does this matter? Because I’m sharing a Vlogbrothers video today (three videos in a row – I know, I know) in lieu of putting together a unique post. Because I have plots sucking life from my soul and M is maybe kinda freaking out over commitment issues.


The World Needs More Magic – YouTube.

Story Vote (Please vote… please…)

Hello, hello. Waddaya know, I’m posting before nine in the evening. It’s a miracle, folks, especially since I’m doped up on allergy meds.


I plan to start a secondary blog for a novel-length project. I’m not a big fan of my short fiction, and I want to make a little venue to share a proper story. I will update the blog once a week with a full chapter for each post. Now we come to the problem: I don’t know which story to use. I’m placing the decision in your hands. The options are: The Boy with the World on His Tongue (urban fantasy), or Second Star (fantasy-esque scifi).

Here’s a brief flavor of each:

The Boy with the World on His Tongue:

This is a dark urban fantasy tale set in Cincinnati, a city rife with half-forgotten Victorian elegance, art nouveau monuments, and the largest abandoned subway system in America. Creatures range from classic fey such as Der Erlkonig, to modern monsters like Slender Man. This story has changelings, Seers, action, and liberal doses of things that go bump in the night.

Summary: When a singer vanishes from the backstage of Music Hall, the latest in a string of disappearances,Ross finds himself drawn into the world he’s always fought to ignore, the world that stole his voice as punishment for a crime he couldn’t help committing: possessing the Sight. And he’s not the only one pulled into the game. Old forces in the city are rising, and something dark is calling from the shadows.

Second Star (Working Title):

Effectively, this is what happens when Star Trek, Peter Pan, and The Hunger Games make a baby. Though the story is definitely scifi, the majority takes place on an isolated planet with little advanced (or basic) technology and leans heavily toward adventure/exploration themes, along with an examination of group dynamics and peace/conflict studies.

Summary: In a post-bellum society, two planets agree to peace – with one condition. They must both surrender their weapons. Their weapons, however, are people. The people of Ressec already shipped their genetically engineered weapons (“Gens”)  to an isolated planet turned penal colony. Each weapon is general and foot-soldier in one – abnormally strong and exceptionally intelligent. Sage, the eldest of the Terren Gens, must face the fact that her own side will soon be sent to the same world. However, unlike the Ressec Gens, she and her kind are younger – none above twenty, some under a year – and they have been trained as technical masterminds. They have always fought from a distance, but they will doubtless be forced to fight for survival against the Ressec Gens. Each possesses a unique genius, but can they adapt that genius to their new problems? She must lead her friends and family in a new life, and she must be prepared, at all times, for war with the very deadliest of enemies.

So – which would you rather read? VOTE!

A Question of Content

So, I have a handful of subscribers now, and the doorbell is ringing with lots of irregular customers. I think it’s time I asked that all-important question: what are you interested in seeing? Now, I’m speaking specifically about original content. I’ll continue to share all the beautiful, bizarre and grotesque fascinations I find in my voyages, but I’m trying to pull my share of the load instead of just sipping from the successes of others. In order to do this well, I need to know what you’re interested in seeing. So I’ve gotten all spiffy and made a poll for you! Voting will be open for one week. Please vote. If you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain when I post a five-part series on why I think blue is the best color for fingernail polish. So…