Hocking Hills – Part 2

Bring on the silliness!


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Stormy Weather

I love this area, particularly in spring. Storms roll in, bringing hourly changes to the sky. One minute, cotton balls float on a field of blue, brighter than any cartoon. Or the sunset dyes the horizon pink, purple, and gold.

And sometimes, the sky is just grey,

Those silver skies, I think, are my favorite. Especially as the trees bloom, and the first green appears like fire on the outer branches.

Lighting the Sky

Boy Promos 049

I took this on a stroll downtown about a year ago. It hangs outside the city’s museum of modern art, illuminating the outdoors, questioning man-made brilliance in the face of the sun. I want to think deeply about it, but it’s probably just there to grab people’s attention. Then again, it’s modern art, so… both. Yeah, the answer is probably both.